"Like a Bosh"

Shouts to my man Christian aka Fresh Prodeuce for this one, and of course the creators of the vid The Basketball Jones and their SICK vimeo Channel...check for it!

This joint had me cracking up for real....


Nerding Out: But, I don't even HAVE an iPHONE!

I can't front this looks kind of boss, but I don't even own an iPhone! Plus there is thing called tackiness and this may be right on the cutting edge of it...

From The Design Blog:
"If you think that the touch-sensitive display of your iPhone is too small to access multimedia content, the “Table Connect” may provide a smart solution to your problem. For the hi-tech furniture connects to your hot Apple handset through a 30-pin dock connector and turns its screen into a massive 58-inch multitouch surface to let you search and browse the data with ease while enjoying your cuppa coffee with family and friends. Projecting the multitouch screen onto its massive surface, the table allows complete control over your iPhone to get things going with minimum fuss."
Author: Naresh Chauhan

He's at it AGAIN.....DJ Steve Porter

"One Clap" by DJ Steve Porter, chronicling the life of the talented and enigmatic Randy "Straight Cash Homey" Moss....

On the "Straight Cash Homey" note, check this site. It has given me tons of laughs and I think if you are a sports fan it will do the same for you.


Words can't explain this....

I don't think that a language has been invented that will give proper elucidation to the song below. Well maybe this one can, but I doubt it.

I present to you "Strut" by Steven Seagal, featuring Lady Saw:

I was going to count the number of times he said "punani" on this track, but found that task way daunting.

Please peep the fact that the name of the album that we are led to believe contains this gem is Songs from the Crystal Cave. ???? Really though?

Shouts to Tanlines twitter feed last week for dropping this BOMB on me, and subsequently everyone I know...


Major and Lazer had to Percolate....

Yeah I changed up the classic "Nate Dogg and Warren G had to Regulate," line from their tune Regulate..

On top of that, I absolutely LOVED the orginial of this joint growing up, when I would venture into a club in Jersey or NYC to listen to some house music.

Gotta give it up to Major Lazer- Diplo and them on this one...nice touch on bringing back an old HOT joint in a new way...and peeping this video there is sooo much randomness. What do you want? Stephen Hawking chilling then transforming to an Avatar dude? Thriller-Era MJ? Khan from Star Trek boozed out with Captain Kirk and Spock? Jerry Seinfeld and Malcolm X bearing gifts at the same 40th Birthday Party? Air Jordan? Mogwai from Gremlins? "Tax Day (April 15th)" shots on a calendar? Ultra-Random.

And just for nostalgia's sake and because this was/is my SHIT:

DAMN! That first "Percolate" breakdown is SOOOO heavy in the club. People absolutely lose it (including me)!

Nerding Out- Fugazi Pt. 2

Not too long ago I wrote this post.  The fact that Chinese bootleggers can make things of this quality, and get away with it, is not only mind-boggling, but dope.

It's just another form of hustle. I LOVE IT.

Engadget gives us the lowdown on the tech side knockoff game via Micgadget:

"Here at KIRF headquarters, we've seen our share of Apple product fakery. We remain, however, impressed at companies' abilities to knock off laptops in any decent manner. This white MacBook-looking fellow, made by LeThink, boasts a feature or two you'll probably never see on an actual Cupertino-born laptop, such as the option of two batteries. This bad boy boasts a tray loading DVD player, an NVIDIA Ion 2 graphics processor, a 1.66GHz Intel Atom D510 CPU, GMA 3150 graphics, 1GB of RAM built-in (with support for up to 2GB), an up to 320GB hard drive, two USB 2.0 ports, VGA and HDMI outputs, a LAN port, and an SD slot. They're available in China for starting prices of around 2,999 yuan -- that's about $440. Another shot is below."


Nerding Out: Storage Style

Damn! This is easily one of the slickest storage devices I have ever seen.If there was ever a storage unit that would have non-techies and nerds alike reaching for the joysticks, this would be the one.
The following is a a piece of the brief breakdown from Engadget:

"The newly announced Wireless Space is perhaps the most interested and multifaceted device to emerge from the company in quite some time, and to say it's taking on Apple's Time Capsule would be understating things tremendously. In essence, what we have here is a NAS backup drive and an 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi access point / router, all bundled into one delicious black box. Available in 1TB and 2TB flavors, the Space enables both Mac and PC users both to backup their files wirelessly (or via cabling, should you so choose), and it also acts as a network hard drive for accessing files remotely, a UPnP / DLNA media streamer and a full-on router should you need one. It's fully compatible with Time Machine, and you'll also find a trio of Ethernet sockets and a pair of USB jacks on the rear. It's shipping today for $229.99 and $349.99, respectively, leaving Apple the loser once again in the price department."

Definitely a pretty penny, but for 2TB, boss features, and that slick of a package , I'm NOT mad whatsoever.

Full article here.

Let's Chill.....

Peep this Gravity Balans Chair made by VariƩr Furniture.

If you're anything like me you saw this chair and thought that this thing would definitely be a bitch to get into and out of, and even more, possibly a hazard to one's health. The people over at Wired reviewed the chair and said quite a mouthful on it, of which you can read some below:

"Though it's not the newest piece of furniture to hit the block, we'd heard a great deal about its ergonomic benefits and decided to give it a spin in our quest to find the perfect marathon gaming/lounging chair. The verdict? Gravity lounging > Gravity gaming. .....

The upright position resembled that of a stiff office chair, forcing us into school-marmishly proper posture. This position proved useful for activities like movie watching and gaming, though we felt the need for a little slouchy leeway after about an hour. The next position was a very basic 3/4 position reminiscent of a traditional recliner. As a whole this middle position ended up being the sweet spot for comfort and utility. The final position (which is what lends the chair it's namesake) rests all the way back on the rear of the slats, creating an oddly floaty, fully-reclined sitting position. Once we got over the initial fear of death (roughly 10 minutes), we fell ... in love with this chair. It essentially provides the spongy weightless feeling of a hammock with the back and leg support of a proper chair. Even subtle movements like sneezing or even a heavy sigh makes the entire thing gently bounce in response. It's a completely alien, yet surprisingly comfortable experience (as far as sitting goes)." 

I guess this is one of the kinds of things you have to feel to believe. I just don't know if I'm crazy about slinking my tall ass into a chair that I have to get twisted into some crazy yoga position to pull off.

Shouts to the people at Wired Magazine, you can see the complete review here.

You can also check the other goods from Varnier.


Showing Love: ILLtellect

Yeah, I've been on a bootlegger's hiatus aka not posting for the last 3 weeks, basically because I have been busy as all hell and my internet situation is less than favorable.

In that time I was blessed with a nice piece from ILLtellect.
They call this "(Another) Day Off." The follow-up to their original "Day Off" Tee with the same main graphics with some aesthetic updates.

Good looks to my people over at ILLtellect (http://twitter.com/ILLTELLECT). Keep up the good work.
I'm feeling that Ill Science Tee too, right up my alley.



I haven't posted for 3 weeks. I am WACK right now....stupid busy, but still wack.


That's all.